30-minute Discovery Interest Call

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to health!
Opportunity to meet Vanda, share your story and areas you would like to work on. We can discover your priorities, discuss future possibilities and most importantly, see if we’re a right fit to work together.
I’d love to get to know you!



3 & 6 Month Health Reset

Friends at the Beach
Lingerie Models


Community Supported 

- Detoxes & Cleanses

- Burnout Recovery Circles

and more!


Guidance in Journey Prep & Integration

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Preparing Healthy Food


Quick Help Individual Services



Create Lasting Change

Change making is not a one time act - it’s a decision you make day in and day out, in small increments. There are weeks where everything clicks and weeks where things aren’t so easy. I'll be your guide to lovingly support you and a guide to point you in the right direction when you feel lost!


3 Months

Change Your Relationship to Food. Learn to understand the ques your body and mind gives you about your health and how your choices affect your life. You'll be able to decode the signs your digestion, menses and emotions give you to guide you on a path to better health. Feed your body & mind with love and respect you deserve.


6 Months

Building on the 3 month program - we'll explore your ayurvedic constitution, look beyond your current challenges, diet, delve into your goals and identify imbalances. We'll explore lifestyle pressures and find ways to make changes that have a positive domino effect in all areas of life - an approach that is sustainable, achievable and foremost fits YOU.

Program Details



3-Week Group Program - scheduled 2x year, spring & fall

Join this Kitchari Cleanse to lay a strong foundation for a lifestyle built on healthy routines and intuitive eating. This program fosters deep transformation by sharing daily practice tools that support your long-term goals.

Even if you regularly eat healthy, toxins still build up over time and prevent your body from properly digesting food and absorbing nutrients. A seasonal reset will cleanse your body, strengthen your digestion, and provide an opportunity to create healthy habits.

The Kitchari Cleanse will include:

  • Zoom workshop & printable guide to prepare you

  • “Know Your Dosha” Quiz to determine your dosha (unique mind-body type)

  • 7 full days of recipes to prepare at Kitchari at home

  • Detox tools including tongue scraper, Ayurvedic herbs, habit tracker for your daily routines

  • Guide to transition from the cleanse including shopping list, seasonal produce guide & sample recipes

  • Option to add on an ayurvedic consultation to personalize the recipes and recommendations.

Emails to support you through each 7-day phase: PREPARE, CLEANSE, TRANSITION



Making The Most Of Your Experience

In the recent psychedelic renaissance it is easy to think that a life altering hero's journey will solve your problems. These sacred medicines are powerful but not a silver bullet. With proper prep & integration complete with nutrition, meditations, subtle body practices & self study I can help you get ready for and make sense of your experince.


T minus 2 months

I'll set you with accredited educational resources for harm reduction and safe use. I'll support with with guided meditations and teach you relaxation techniques to help develop and train your "dropping in" muscle. You'll get worksheets to set intentions and deeply explore your motivation behind the changes you are wanting to make / hoping to achieve.


T plus 1-2 months

Making sense: translating the felt experience into common language to integrate your journey. We'll come up with action steps based on the kind of experience and realizations you had. I'll record guided meditation for you to use in help absorb and digest your experience as well as body or subtle body practices where applicable.  I'll share resources from my network of healers to take your healing to the next level.

Please be respectful and don't ask me for illegal drugs. I'm here to lovingly support your healing journey not to provide the medicine.



One Time Support

Looking for quick answers or a easy problem to be solved? The below services are part of they programs but can be booked as a one time service


90min call

Recommendations and advice based on your current vikruti. You’ll come away with recommendations on what and how to eat to , daily routine, Ayurvedic herbs and treatments, aromatherapy, meditation, mantras, energetic healings, Yoga asana and so much more.



Weekly or Monthly

Meal plans to support you and your family - complete with shopping lists and recipes for 3 meals per day and snacks if needed. I can work with any diet, vegan, vegetarian, prialSIBO, anti candida, blood sugar control, gerd ~ however I am not amedical professional



Virtual or In Person

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